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Dr. Tricia Cardner

I teach poker players how to optimize their mental game so that they can achieve poker success.

you're in the right place if the answer is yes to any of these:

is an untrained mindset holding you back?

Do you ever go on tilt & make poor decisions?

Is fear of not being good enough stopping you?

When you have a clear understanding of the how the mind works and you know the best strategies for managing your emotions, it becomes much easier to maximize your performance.

I use research based performance psychology strategies and tactics to teach players just like you how to build the mental toughness needed to succeed at poker. No matter your skill level or the stakes you play, proper mental game development will give you a competitive advantage.

3 Pillars of Peak Poker Performance

pillar 1

Understand your mind

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pillar 2

Manage your emotions

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pillar 3

maximize your performance

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